For a full list of the ingredients and the nutritional content of Complan, take a look at the nutritional values section. Some specific questions are answered below.

The water or milk added to Complan easy-to-mix drinks can be warmed gently if desired. Our Rich Chocolate and Tasty Chicken flavours are particularly delicious warm! However, be careful not to use very hot or boiling liquid as this can affect the nutritional delivery and taste of the drink.

Complan easy-to-mix drinks made up with water or milk can be frozen in the short term without affecting their nutritional value – in fact, they make a tasty ice-lolly! However, if you plan to thaw the frozen Complan for reuse, you should note that the texture will not be quite the same as freshly made Complan.

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Where can I buy Complan and where will I find it in store?

Complan is available from a large number of supermarkets and online retailers (click on their logos below to go straight to our product ranges on their websites). Where our products are situated in store can vary, but generally you can find Complan in the healthcare aisle, near vitamin and mineral supplements, sports nutrition and slimming products.

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