Yes, Complan is exactly that – a fortified and nourishing drink mix, providing protein, carbohydrate, fat and a large range of vitamins and minerals, for when you’re off your food.

One serving of Complan provides the nutrition of a balanced light meal. The number of servings to include in the diet is dependent on your normal calorie intake and current dietary intake. Up to two servings a day may be considered normal. Two servings of Complan a day provides all of your Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for some vitamins. If you feel you need to take more than this, we would recommend you speak to your GP.
It is always important to remember that if your appetite does not return or if you experience significant weight loss then it is important to speak to your GP.

Yes it’s a great idea to mix Complan powder with other foods, such as yoghurt, just remember this will alter the nutritional delivery from what is on the packaging e.g. increasing calories. It’s also worth noting that it may be a little harder to mix Complan powders with some foods rather than water or milk, but why not give it a go?

When experiencing reduced appetite or lack of appetite many people manage with ‘light food’ such as toast and soup. These foods are great when feeling well, as part of a healthy balanced diet. Toast provides a good source of energy and if the wholemeal variety is chosen, it is a source of fibre. Soup (depending on the type) can provide a low fat, low energy option as well as a great source of vegetables. However when unwell or recovering from a short-term illness and these are the main foods eaten, then they may not provide sufficient energy, protein or micronutrients. Complan could help to provide extra essential nutrients.

The term light meal is used by dietitians and other healthcare professionals who routinely give advice on ‘light meal’ ideas. We analysed the nutritional content of ten light meals and found that on average they had a similar nutritional composition in terms of calories and protein to a serving of Complan.


Example light meals kcal protein (g)
Baked beans on a 1 slice of white toast, 7g butter 238 9.6
Melted cheese on 1 slice on white toast 239 12.8
1 poached egg on 1 slice of white toast 7g butter 198 8.9
Bowl of minestrone soup with a roll and butter 252 6.9
Ham & salad sandwich with 2 slices of white bread 204 10
Porridge with milk & water & 1 teaspoon of sugar 153 5.1
Jacket Potato ,with baked beans & 20g butter 461 11.3
Cheese omelette with salad 232 14
2 wheat biscuits and milk & 1 teaspoon of sugar 199 7.6
Cornflakes & milk & 1 teaspoon of sugar 173 5.5
Average contents 234.9 9.17

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Where can I buy Complan and where will I find it in store?

Complan is available from a large number of supermarkets and online retailers (click on their logos below to go straight to our product ranges on their websites). Where our products are situated in store can vary, but generally you can find Complan in the healthcare aisle, near vitamin and mineral supplements, sports nutrition and slimming products.

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