• A great range of flavours, and lots of ways to enjoy them

    We've come up with a range of appetising flavours, so you can enjoy Complan hot, cold or added to your normal food. Which flavour is your favourite?

    • strawberry milkshake-small

      Strawberry Milkshake

      Our newest addition, delicious tasting ready to drink Strawberry Milkshake.

    • choc milkshake small

      Chocolate Milkshake

      Our newest addition, delicious tasting ready to drink Chocolate Milkshake.

    • Berry smoothie small

      Juicy Berry Smoothie

      This ready-to-drink smoothie is packed full of tangy summery flavours and lots of goodness.

    • Tropical smoothie small

      Tropical smoothie

      An exotic ready to drink smoothie with a delicious mix of orange, mango, lemon and passion fruit.

    • vanilla (home range)


      Mix with water and lemonade for a classic cream soda – delicious!

    • strawberry (home range)


      Enjoy the simple taste of summer with Complan strawberry flavour.

    • banana (home range)


      Try our banana flavour as a milkshake, or as a tasty banana custard.

    • chocolate (home range)


      Try Complan chocolate as a vitamin-rich milkshake, or hot for a warming treat.

    • chicken (home range)


      Chicken flavour Complan is a delicious savoury option, best enjoyed hot as a satisfying light meal.

    • Original (home range)


      With its neutral flavour, Complan original is ideal to add to your favourite food or drink.

  • The benefits of Complan

    Complan is a convenient nutritional supplement, designed for when you’re experiencing a reduced or lack of appetite and need a balanced mix of essential nutrients including:

    • Vitamin C & iron To help support the immune system
    • Protein For muscle growth and maintenance
    • Calcium &
      vitamin D
      For maintenance of bones
    • B vitaminsTo help release energy and reduce tiredness
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    Tips to make you feel tip-top

    Momentarily lost your get up and go? Take a look at our useful suggestions to help get it back.

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  • Versatile and delicious

    Versatile and delicious

    Our ready-to-drink milkshakes are perfect for when you’re out and about. If you’re at home and fancy getting creative, you can make so much more with Complan easy-to-mix drinks and just a few extra ingredients.

    Discover recipe ideas


Complan is a delicious nutritional drink made with a balanced blend of nutrients including 26 vitamins and minerals to give extra nourishment when needed most.

  • Highlights shield

    Vitamin C & iron

    To help support the immune system

  • Highlights arm


    For muscle growth and maintenance

  • Highlights bone

    Calcium & vitamin D

    For maintenance of bones

  • Highlights man

    B vitamins

    To help release energy


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